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Aches are signs that you should not wait for care!  Teeth don't hurt unless the nerve is being effected, and if the nerve is bothering you, then something is not right.  Don't wait, even if the pain doesn't progress, the problem will.  Often aches lead to throbbing aches, swelling, bleeding, and even fevers.  Waiting only makes the problem worse and more expensive.  (if you have a toothache and a fever, go seek medical care at the hospital, or urgent care center immediately you likely have a bad infection!)

It's truly amazing how modern dentistry can fix most dental issues.  Whether you have missing teeth or crooked teeth, if you lived through oral neglect or fear of dentists, whatver your concern, we can help,  Just come in and meet our team, together we will find you a successful solution. 

No one wants a surprise wiff of bad breath caused by periodontal disease, or even worse, no one wants to loose their teeth cause they never addressed their own periodontal disease.  It is the number one reason for tooth loss and also directly related to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.  Gum disease is a serious health concern, and is easy for most to maintain with regular hygiene visits.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Replacement

Tooth Aches (Sensitivity) - general dental care

Most Common Issues

  • Patients not believing they need treatment
  • Periodontal Disease in Gums (Common in Adults)
  • Children neglecting at home care (Flossing and brushing molars)
  • Why a filling won't work when you need a crown
  •  Root Canal treatment
  • What insurances do we take (almost all)

Gum Disease (Bad Breath) - teeth cleanings


  1. Gum Disease for Adults
  2. Why no-metal is better
  3. Avoiding Root Canals
  4. Affordable Payment Plans
  5. Pain Management
  6. ​Changing my front teeth

Don't Wait, It just gets worse...