Dental anxiety is extremely common. It is not something that we take lightly. At Greenlawn Dental, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and care for our patients. We are extremely empathetic to dental phobia and will take our time with you to explain every procedure step by step.

Dentistry has evolved over the years. Due to various innovations and treatment methods, we have a variety of resources at our disposal to make your dental appointment comfortable.  Laughing gas (Nitrous oxide) as well as anti-anxiety medication can be used to help reduce anxiety during your visit.

Do I need a chaperone if I want to use laughing gas?

No, you don’t. The beauty of nitrous oxide is that it has a very quick onset, but also leaves your system quickly. After the procedure is completed, the nitrous is turned off and oxygen is administered. Within 5 minutes, you are back to normal and ready to go home!

What other options for sedation do I have?

In addition to Nitrous oxide, we can offer oral sedation to help you through your appointment. We employ a short acting anti-anxiety medication that makes your appointment much easier. This route requires you to have a driver/chaperone present due to the lasting effects of the medication.