What is a crown?

A crown is a “cap” that it utilized to repair a compromised tooth. A crown is indicated for a tooth that has a very large cavity, an existing filling that needs to be replaced or a fractured tooth. When 50% or more of the chewing surface of the tooth is compromised a crown is placed to stabilize and protect the tooth. Posterior teeth (molars) in need of root canals will also require crowns to extend the life of those teeth. There are a variety of materials that we can use to fabricate your crown. The most common materials used are all porcelain and zirconia based. Your dentist will discuss your specific case with you to determine the best restoration to maximize both aesthetics and strength. The appointment time for a crown is generally about one hour and is completed with local anesthetic.

What is a Bruxzir crown and why have they become so popular for posterior teeth?

Bruxzir crowns are CAD milled crowns that are fabricated from zirconia. They are an aesthetic option for posterior crowns that also provide excellent strength. They are especially recommended for patients who tend to clench and grind their teeth. Check out the awesome video below!

What are bridges?

Bridges are fixed restorations that serve to replace missing teeth. We utilize multiple teeth as anchors to support the bridge. Similar to a crown, a bridge is cemented in place and is not removed. The appointment length for a bridge is generally about 2 hours and is completed under local anesthetic.


Bridges are a highly aesthetic option for replacing missing teeth. The process of receiving a bridge is generally quicker than that of an implant and substantially cheaper.


Placing a bridge requires preparation of the teeth adjacent to the tooth that is being replaced. In addition, it is a bit more difficult to keep clean as the bridge is a one piece unit. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a Waterpik to help clean underneath your bridge.