Oral cancer is an extremely dangerous condition which can progress quite rapidly. The key to treatment of oral cancer is early diagnosis and intervention. Who better to screen you for oral cancer than your dentist. We have extensive training in the various presentations and attributes of oral cancer, as well as a vast knowledge base of the increased risk factors for oral cancer.

Am I at risk for oral cancer?

About 50,000 patients per year will be diagnosed with some form of oral cancer and about 10,000 of those patients will die from it. The prognosis is best when the cancer is found early. As the cancer progresses, treatment becomes much more aggressive and the five year survival rate decreases drastically. Your check up will be sure to include an oral cancer screening. 

Common risk factors include:

    • Smoking
    • Use of chewing tobacco
    • Alcohol consumption
    • HPV (Certain strains)
    • Age 55 and older
    • Compromised immune system
    • Heavy sunlight exposure

You can find more information regarding oral cancer by clicking the link below!

Oral Cancer